ASA 103 Basic Cruising

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(Prerequisite ASA 101) Taught on Mariah, a 30 foot Hunter. Same basic formula as the 101 course. Three 7 hour classes with maximum of four students plus instructor. Included is half day practice during third day of course. 21 hours instruction plus practice time for $845.

All course materials included plus Course Completion Certificate.

Day One - Basic docking:


Greeting and course overview, Lights and rules of the road (power) Required and ASA recommended safety gear, Weather and fog, Knot review. Cleat, Bowline, Clove hitch. Round turn & two half hitch, figure eight, sheet bend

On the water:

  1. Engine operation
  2. Vessel under power at the dock (sweet spot)
  3. securing boat to dock
  4. Leaving and returning to dock up-wind
  5. understanding and using prop wash and prop walk
  6. spinning in place to starboard
  7. Figure-eights forward and reverse

Day Two - Basic Maneuvering under power, Cruising Skills

On the water:

  1. Docking, docking, docking. (break for lunch)
  2. Leaving dock with wind abeam.
  3. Backing into a slip, Transitioning from motoring to sailing.
  4. Anchoring, man overboard, reefing.

Day Three - Navigation and Trip


Navigation, Float Plan discussion, Grounding and tides, VHF and Emergencies. Taking a tow and salvage, knot review, test at end.

On the water:

This is where he pieces are tied together with a short trip. With instructor observing; students take the boat out of slip, motor out to the bay, navigate to the anchorage, and anchor the boat. Grounding discussion, and sail back to classroom for test.