Front View of Sailing School Boat

ASA 101 Basic Sailing

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No prerequisites. Taught on a West Wight Potter 19. Each class can have up to a maximun of Three students plus the instructor. This would be taught using three 7 hour classes. All classes would be taught by a certified ASA instructor. Included is 8 hours of practice time accompanied by an Instructor on the boat after course completion. $795 per person.

All course materials included: ASA "Sailing Made Easy" Book, ASA Log Book, ASA course completion certificates.

Annual ASA membership fee of $45 not included.

Day One - Introduction to Sailing:


Greeting, Course overview, basic boat, skipper & crew responsibilities. Points of sail, Captain Rob Lawnsby's "5 Basic things you need to know to Sail" and cleat hitch.

On the water:

  1. Boarding, sailing checklist, raising sails, getting away from dock.
  2. Wind Direction, The five sailing rules, points of sail, and getting out of irons.
  3. Practice points of sail, Sailing commands and terminology, Including Tacking and Jibing
  4. Stopping the boat along side object
  5. Finish the sail and put boat away.
Rear View of Sailing School Boat

Day Two - Basic Sailing


Review and student questions. Then points of sail and what makes a boat sail, deck safety, Hypothermia, and Seasickness. Tying a clove hitch, tying a Bowline, Bouyage, Rules of the Road, Light Requirements, Sound Signals, Federal Requirements and Alcohol Regulations.

On the water:

  1. Each point of sail with sail trim and sailing theory.
  2. Sailing Triangular course, and do figure eight
  3. Stopping along side a mooring, man overboard

Day Three - Safety and Seamanship


Review and student questions. Then charts, anchoring. Review of tying a cleat, bowline, clove hitch; and teach two half hitch. Time for ASA Exam (100 questions).

On the water:

  1. Sailing in confined area...(sail in mooring field.)
  2. Heaving to
  3. Picking up a mooring, docking under sail (upwind)
  4. Back to class for written test